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Wallet: A wallet holds the keys that unlock access to your digital assets, which are stored on the blockchain. In our world, your wallet is created and managed by NiftyBridge (a third-party wallet provider) as part of the Buckets Club onboarding process.

Token: A token is a digital asset that is stored on the blockchain.

Collections: A token is a digital asset that is stored on the blockchain.  

Utility: Some Bucket Club Collections are equipped with utility — unique benefits, such as special access to products, experiences, and more.  

Snapshot: A snapshot is a record of the blockchain taken at a set moment in time. Snapshots are most commonly used for capturing allowlists, aka lists of wallets eligible to receive an airdrop or mint a token.

Airdrop: An airdrop is a method of sending a token to a wallet for free, like a gift.


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